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How Much Is Sydney Brooke Simpson's Net Worth?

Sydney Brooke Simpson has a net worth ranging from $10,000 to $500,000 as of May 2019. She amassed this net worth from her career as a businesswoman. She is also the daughter of the infamous O.J. Simpson which has gotten her a lot of fame and recognition in the media. She is known in the public due to the infamy of her father.   

Simpson's successful career as a businesswoman is the primary source of her income. She also has her own business and her career has branched towards many fields. In fact, she has worked as a business owner, CEO, caterer and in real estate.  

Sydney Brooke Simpson's Net Worth: Career, Income Sources, and Earnings   

According to various online sources, Sydney Brooke Simpson's net worth amount lies in between $100,000 to $500,000 as of May 2019. She was able to earn this net worth by working as a businesswoman. She has also worked various other jobs like the caterer, restaurant manager and in the real estate field. Her net worth is comparable to other media personalities, Christine Maddela, Kaitlyn Pratt and Paul Schrier.

Sydney Brooke Simpson's photo whose net worth is anywhere from $10,000 to $500,00
Sydney Brooke Simpson's photo whose net worth is anywhere from $10,000 to $500,000

Although her exact salary is not known on average female business owners earn less than male business owners with earnings that range from $31,380 to $71,140 every year as per Chron. Similarly, caterers earn around $13.95 per hour of service provided and real estate agents earn around $42,500 per year on average.  

She has also worked as an event coordinator. Event coordinators can earn an average salary of around $46,936 per year according to Glassdoor.


Simpson's secretive nature means that there is very little information about her career in the media as well as tabloid sources. However, various online sources report that she is a businesswoman and has various businesses to her name.

She started her professional career after graduating from college, she started working as an Events Coordinator. From then she moved to St Peterburg where she started her own business titled Simspy LLC in 2014. The same year, she started working in the restaurant business with her brother.

Assets, Cars, Lifestyle, Expenses,  

The businesswoman has various lavish properties in buzzing locations, she has a house in Tampa Bay where the average house price is around $325,000. Similarly, she has an apartment bought for around $35,000, and two residential units that she bought $47,500 each.

To add to this, she also has an apartment which was bought for $61,000 and another apartment that she bought for $47,500.

She lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, the USA where the median house price is around $218,500.

Charity, Tax, Insurance

Simpson may be involved in many charities and philanthropic organizations however, information regarding her involvement in various organizations financial or otherwise is not available in the media as well as tabloid sources.

Similarly, she has to pay a decent amount in taxes due to her properties, the median tax paid by citizens of Florida is around $1,773.00 per year. There is no personal income tax levied by the state of Florida.

She may also have insurance that covers a wide range of aspects like life, health, property, and vehicle however there is no information about her insurance coverage in the media as well as tabloid sources.

Sydney Brooke Simpson’s Personal Details: Grandparents, Aunts, Siblings, Age, Height, Father, Relationship With OJ Simpson,

Sydney Brooke Simpson was born on 17th October 1985 in the United States of America to father O.J. Simpson and mother Nicole Brown Simpson. Her grandparents from her father’s side are Jimmy Lee Simpson and Eunice Simpson and her maternal grandparents are Juditha Anne Brown and Louis Hezekiel Brown.

Sydney Brooke Simpson with her father O.S Simpson and sibling
Sydney Brooke Simpson with her father O.S Simpson and sibling

Regarding her aunts, she has six aunts named Denise Brown, Margit Carr, Tanya Brown, and Dominique Brown from her mother’s side. Similarly, he paternal aunts are Carmelita Jackson and Shirley Baker.

Similarly, she has two brothers, Justin Ryan Simpson and Jason Simpson along with two sisters named Aaren Simpson and Arnelle Simpson.

She is 33 years old as of May 2019 and is 5 feet 8 inches or 173 cm tall.

As for her relationships, she is dating real estate investor Robert Blackmon as of May 2019. They are yet to tie the knot and have no children. Prior to dating Blackmon, she was in a relationship with Stuart Alexander Lee. 

The O.J Simpson Scandal

He rather is almost universally infamous for the trials for the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and friend Ron Goldman. After the police found the bodies of the victims outside Brown's condominium, O.J was identified as a person of interest.

O.J Simpson entering court

After failing to turn himself in for questioning and leading the police on a low-speed car chase which TV stations interrupted the 1994 NBA finals to show, he was put on trial. His trial is considered one of the most highly publicized events of American television.

He was acquitted of the murders on October 3, 1995, 11 months after the jury sworn in on November 9, 1994. 

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