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Olate Dogs Net Worth 2020


Facts of Olate Dogs

Amount$2 million

Success is indeed a compilation of hard work & skills, which is better defined by the America's Got Talent (AGT) Season 7 winner Olate Dogs. The dog trick composed of the dog-trainer father & son duo Richard & Nicholas, featuring dog's backflip, jumping rope & riding scooter, became an internet sensation.

The duo adopted the lost dogs named Olate Dogs and trained them. After their training, they performed in the different circus. Olate Dogs finally got wide fame after crowning themselves the title of talent show America's Got Talent.

How Much Is 'Olate Dogs' Worth In 2019?

The popular American dog trick act Olate Dogs got $1 million prize money after winning the Season 7 of AGT. Ever since, their shows have got an applaudable success that garnered a huge fortune in Olate Dogs owner Richard & Nicholas' account.

According to online sources, they are now worth $2 million as of December 2019.

Journey To Fame: Career Boost Through America's Got Talent

Richard Olate, a circus performer, adopted stray dogs and taught them tricks & got gigs in circuses & small events. With the formation of Olate Dogs, Richard was joined by his son Nicholas & performed in the various circus, Big Apple Circus, Ringling Bros. and Barum & Bailey Circus after they were popular among circus promoters. 

Then, the crew appeared in various TV commercials and programs. 

They got a drastic rise to fame after they participated in reality TV shows America's Got Talent in 2012. As reported, Richard was not ready to take part in the show but his son convinced him to audition.

Olate Dogs with Richard Olate and Nicholas Olate
Olate Dogs with Richard Olate and Nicholas Olate

Image Source: TV Gui

One of the most popular puppies Olate Dogs acts impressed the judges, Howard Stern, Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbourne, and directly went to the top 48. Moreover, the group also crossed the toughest quarterfinal with the top three votes and went to the semifinals. 

Semifinal acts of the Olate Dogs was so brilliant that the performance features a dog riding a scooter, all of the puppies conga line, and the return of backflipping poodle. 

The father and son duo made the debut of the new dog named Bella. The public really appreciates their tricks and sent them to the finale.  

Olate Dogs' Finale Act

Olate Dogs' finale act started with a dog driving a car. Similarly, puppies of the squad also walked on their hind legs and showed jumping tricks and backflips. 

The performance ended with the wheelbarrow where one of the puppies walked on its front legs pushing its rear legs from behind. 

Well, the Olate Dogs were voted the winner of Season 7 of America's Got Talent & won the prize money of $1 million- leaving behind its competitors Tom Cotter and William Close.

Post- AGT Career: What Are They Doing Now?

After the show, the puppies appeared in Jay Leno's show Tonight Show with Jay Leno in November 2012.

Moreover, they also appeared in America's Got Talent Live - All-Star Tour and performed in different NBA games. In 2014, Olate Dogs also made a debut in the short film Le Sauvetage (The Rescue) which is the part of series, Dog’s Best Friend and A Holiday Tail.

Furthermore, in the same year the group of puppies performed for Cause for Paws: An All-Star Dog Spectacular hosted by Hilary Swank and Jane Lynch. At that time, the stars like P!nk, Betty White, Miranda Lambert, Sharon Osbourne, and Paul Abdul launched adopted dogs to viewers that provided them the chance to give a new home.

In December 2014, the dog's crew introduced the Holiday Rescue Tour. Since then, they are still continuing to tour and perform at different parts of the world.

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