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Machine Gun Kelly Vs. Eminem: Net Worth, Salary, Albums, Songs, Houses, Cars, Charity

Published Fri Jun 28 2019 By Binish Tamang
Machine Gun Kelly Vs. Eminem: Net Worth, Salary, Albums, Songs, Houses, Cars, Charity

As per the recent survey, most of the people prefer listening to few numbers of genre including Rap, Pop, Rock, Instrumental, and Metal. Among them, the most popular among teens are rap songs.

Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem are the popular faces of rap music and no matter how much we try, we can't help but compare these two.     

The two white rappers made headlines in early 2019 when Machine Gun Kelly mocked Eminem’s song ‘Weak Ass’ diss track ‘Killshot’ after Eminem refused to sing in the recent concert on 21 Feb 2019.  

Actually, the feud between them started in early 2012. The war of rap god Eminem and former XXL Freshman Machine Gun Kelly aka MGK has surely become a hot topic lately in the music industry.  

The origin of the war was actually a surprise album Kamikaze featuring a song Not Alike in which Eminem offend rappers including MGK. Taking not much time, MGK returned the favor with his single, rap Devil. Similarly, a few days later, Eminem responded with another song Killshot.

Here let’s make the comparison between the two rappers.

Eminem: $210 million

Net Worth:

As of 2019, the net worth of Eminem is estimated to be around $210 million according to various sources. He is a rapper by profession and is often regarded as the Rap God.


Earnings From Singles And Albums

A source reported that Eminem solely from his musical career makes approximately around $69 million from his albums and approximately $15 million from his singles. Furthermore, his income from his concerts and tours is estimated to be around $209 million. 

He earned more than half of his net worth from his career concert from 2000 to 2005. His manager revealed that he pocketed around $81 million from this tour while this was just 15 % of the total earnings from the concert.

Social Media Earnings And Endorsements Deals

Apart from his career, he also earns well from his social media platform. A reliable site cited his income from YouTube to be around $51 million. He collects money from his self-titled channel ($49 million) and 85% share from the Eminem Vevo channel ($1.7 million). 

Eminem endorses G-shock

He also earns in millions from his endorsements deals with Beats By Dre, Brisk, Carhartt, Casio, Chrysler, and many others. Although the number of Eminem’s endorsements and promotions are not revealed, he is claimed to make it five to six digits figures.


Regarding his charity, he has done charity works such as Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program, Eight Mile Boulevard Association, Marshal Mathers Foundations,, Small Steps Projects and many more.


He has a long history of wars and feuds with various rappers and actor. For confrontations, he had conflicts with singers and celebrities including Christina Aguilera, Cage, Everlast, Insane Clown Posse, Benzino, Nick Cannon, and Mariah Carey, Will Smith, and few others.

Assets: Cars And House

The millionaire rapper Eminem is currently residing in his Detroit house which is worth around $1.4 million. The house features in 8,900 square feet and purchased in 2000.

Eminems's Assets: Cars and House

Moreover, he also had another house in Rochester Hills, Detroit which he sold in 2017 for around $2 million. Originally, he bought the house in 2003 for $4.75 million.  

Apparently, a source reported his lavish cars collection to be worth approximately $200 million. 

Aston Martin V8 Vantage$150,000
Ferrari 575$224,965
Porsche Carrera GT$448,000
Ford GT$453,200
Audi R8 Spyder$200,000
Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0$188,550
Porsche 911 GT2 RS$330,000
Lamborghini Aventador$393,695
Porsche 911 Turbo$160,000 to $200,000
McLaren MP4-12C$250,000
Ferrari 599 GTO$450,000
Ferrari 430 Scuderia$260,000

Popular songs

Some of the Eminem’s popular recommended songs are Stan, Love the Way You Lie, Without Me, Rap God, Not Afraid, The Real Slim Shady, Love Yourself and other super hit albums.

MGK: $8 million

Net Worth

As of 2019, Machine Gun Kelly aka MGK owns the estimated net worth of around $8 million. He mainly accumulated from his career as a prominent rapper.   


Earnings From Singles And Albums

In his early career, he made the earning of around $1 million from the deal with Bad boy records. He came to the limelight after releasing mixtape Stamp of Approval in 2006. With three studio albums until now in his career, he has made more than half of his net worth from his eminent and profit-making career.  

With inspiration from several artists, he has released around 3 studio albums like Lace Up, General Admission, Bloom and Hotel Diablo.

Social Media Earnings, Endorsements Deals, And Charity

Apart from his career, the rapper also earns huge from his endorsements deals and lucrative agreements. Till date, he is reported to have endorsed brands and companies including Ethika, Reebok, Young and reckless, Club C sneaker, and few others.  

Rapper Machine Gun Kelly endorses Reebok

A source revealed his income from Instagram is estimated to be around $9,000 to $15,000. Talking about his charity, he supports and donates for cancer, health, and water for the Philippines.

Assets: Houses And Cars

As of now, MGK is living in Cleveland, Ohio. The average price of the house in his area is estimated to be around $139,100 with the insurance premium of approximately $839 per year. He also has a house in Los Angeles California.

MGK's Assets: Houses and Cars

He seems to be fond of lavish cars including

Cars and BikesPrice
Rolls Royce Drophead$271,005 to $386,765
Lamborghini Gallardo$200,000
Rolls Royce Phantom$450,000
Mercedes S Class$169,000
Can-Am Spyder bike$28,400

Popular Songs:

Some of his popular songs include Rap Devil, Bad Things, At My Best, Till I Die, Let You Go, See My Tears and many more.

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