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How Much Young Millionaire YouTuber Ryan Kaji's Channel Earns? Most Viewed Videos, Subscription, Earnings, Advertisements & Contents

Published Wed Jul 24 2019 By Amy
How Much Young Millionaire YouTuber Ryan Kaji's Channel Earns? Most Viewed Videos, Subscription, Earnings, Advertisements & Contents

Ryan Kaji aka Ryans ToysReview is an 8-year-old who came to the spotlight as a youngest, as well as, the highest-paid YouTuber at present. He along with his parents run Ryan ToysReviews which has over 20.7 million subscribers with over 30 billion views.  

Besides this, they also own other similar channels like Ryan’s Family Review, Gus the Gummy Gator, Combo Panda, The Studio Space, VTubers, and Princess ToysReview. His first video titled ‘Kid Playing with toys Lego Duplo Number Train Toy Review, Unbox, Build’ was published on 16th March 2015 when he was just 3 years old. 

With time, Ryan’s channel has grown drastically and has earned him fortunes in millions. Although Kaji’s worth is not revealed, he surely has a net worth in millions. As per Social Blade, his channel Ryans ToysReview is estimated to earn at the range of $189k to $3 million per month to $2.3M to $36.5M annually. 

Ryan posing with his merch 

Other YouTubers are worth: Shane Dawson ($12 million), Imaqtpie ($1-2 million), Markiplier ($24 million), Summit1g ($1-2 million), and Jake Paul ($19 million).   

Kaji was also listed as the 8th highest-paid YouTube star in 2016-17 according to Forbes earning an impressive amount of $11 million. Similarly, in 2018, he earned a jaw-dropping amount of $22 million from his product and videos revenue. 

He also earns a decent sum of money from his several income sources, endorsements and sponsorship deals. He collaborated with a pocket watch, a startup children’s media company founded in 2016. makes merchandise and does marketing for the Ryan. The duo also produced a 20-episodes TV series titled Ryan’s Mystery Playdate in 2019. 

Here Is A List Of Ryan’s World Channels:

Ryan’s Toys Review

Ryan grew his interest in making YouTube videos after watching other toy review channels like Hulyan Mayaand, EvanTubeHD, and others. His parents helped him create his own YouTube channel where he uploaded his own entertainment videos, toy review, and more.   

His first video was published on 16th March 2015 which is titled Kid playing with toys Lego Duplo Number Train Toy Review, Unbox, Build’. The video features Ryan in a store choosing toys, taking it home, unboxing, and playing. Since then, the channel has uploaded 1,453 videos and has over 30.8 billion views. 

Ryan Toys Reviews

As per Social Blade, Ryan’s channel has over 30k new subscribers with over 25.3 million views and earns around $6.3k to $101.3k on the daily average rate. 

Here is a list of estimated daily earnings from Ryan ToysReviews:

DateTotal ViewsEarnings
2019-07-18Over 23.5 million$5.9k to $94.2k
2019-07-19Over 21.3 million$5.3k to $85.5k
2019-07-20Over 23.6 million$5.9k to $94.7k 
2019-07-21Over 30.5 million$7.6k to $122.1k
2019-07-22Over 31.3 million$7.8k to $125.4k
2019-07-23Over 30.2 million$7.6k to $121.1k

Similarly, during the last 30 days, his channel earned over 901k new subscribers, over 759 million views, earning $189.9k to $3 million from his channel. 

Ryan’s Family Review

Ryans family published their second YouTube channel titled Ryan’s Family Review on 26th November 2016. Their channels contents are mainly based on entertainment purpose with videos of Ryan and his sister playing with their mom and dad. 

Ryan with father Shion and mother Loann

The channel has over 4.37 million subscribers with over 4.94 billion total views on a video. Here are a list of earning, subscribers gain, and views of the channel throughout a week:

DateTotal ViewsEarnings
2019-07-18Over 6.2 million$1.6k to $25k
2019-07-19Over 5.68 million$1.4k to $22.7k
2019-07-20Over 5.67 million$1.4k to $22.7k
2019-07-21Over 5.3 million$1.3k to $21.3k
2019-07-22Over 5.1 million$1.3k to $20.8k 
2019-07-23Over 5.19 million$1.3k to $21.4k

On a daily average, the channel earns $1.4k to $22.2k, with over 4,621 new subscribers, and over 5.5 million views. During the last 30 days, Ryans Family Reviews welcomed over 138k subscribers with over 166 million views earning at the range of $41.6k to $665.7k. 

Gus the Gummy Gator

Loan and Shion published their third entertainment channel on 23rd February 2017. The channel has gardened over 797k subscribers with over 568 million views on 545 videos. Their video contents are mainly unboxing toys and plays. 

The channel is ranked B+ based on their subscribers, views, and revenues. Gus the Gummy Gator is estimated to earn at the range of $3.9k to $63k per month to $47.3k to $756.6k per year as per Social Blade. 

Gus the Gummy Gator

In addition, the channel welcomes 852+ subscribers on average with over 525k views earning them around $131 to $2.1k. Similarly, in the last 30 days, they earn over 25k new subscribers with over 15 million views earning $3.9k to $63k. 

Combo Panda

Similarly, their fourth channel titled, Combo Panda, was established on 2nd August 2017. The channel has 424 videos with the total of 574 million views and 1 million subscribers. 

Ryan and Combo Panda

As per Social Blade, the channel is estimated to earn $7.9k to $126k per month, whereas, they earn $94.9k to $1.5 million annually. Similarly, the channel earns over 65k new subscribers with over 31 million views earning $7.9k to $126k in the last 30 days. 

The Studio Space

Their fifth channel, The Studio Space, was published on 19th February 2018. It is about behind the scene studio life of Ryan’s father and mother. Their contents are mainly the bloopers of Ryans ToysReview, Combo Panda bloopers, and funny contents from Gus the Gummy Gator channel. 

They have 110 videos with over 1.1 million subscribers with over 511 million views. The channel is estimated to earn $875 to $13.7k per month to $10.3k to $164.6k per year. In a similar way, they gain over 81k subscribers, over 3.4 million views, and earn around $857 to $13.7k throughout a month. 

EK Doodles

Their sixth channel, EK Doodles, was established on 15th August 2018 and is about the cartoon animated adventures of Ryan’s sisters Emma and Kate. The channel has 89 videos with over 252k subscribers with over 83 million views. Their contents are mainly about animated/cartoon films.  

Emma and Kate as EK Doodles 

As per a reliable source, EK Doodles is estimated to earn at the range of $2.7k to $42.9k per month to $32k to $514k per year. They gain over 29k new subscribers with over 10 million views per month.