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How Much Is The Net Worth Of Cryptocurrency Investor Michael Terpin?

Published Wed Nov 27 2019 By Bean
How Much Is The Net Worth Of Cryptocurrency Investor Michael Terpin?

The 21st century has become digital and most of the investors and entrepreneurs are already using and dealing with cryptocurrency, aka digital currency.  

Similar to the youngest Bitcoin Millionaire Erik Finman, Michael Terpin is among the top blockchain and bitcoin miner experts.    

How Did Michael Terpin Earn His Wealth? Career Highlights  

Michael Terpin is now one of the top cryptocurrency influencers and lists among the most followed Bitcoiners and Blockchain experts as of 2019.  

Terpin started his professional career after he held a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. He got his degree from The State University of New York at Buffalo. Moreover, he also holds a dual bachelor's degree in English Literature and Newspaper journalism from Syracuse University.  

He joined Terpin Communications, Inc., aka The Terpin Group in 1990. While working for the company, he founded the first internet-based company, Marketwired, priorly known as Internet Wire.  

Michael Terpin is an entrepreneur, investor and bitcoin masterImage Source: Twitter @michaelterpin
Michael Terpin is an entrepreneur, investor and bitcoin master

Image Source: Twitter @michaelterpin

In 1999, Terpin spun off the company after raising more than $18 million from top-tier investors like Sequoia Capital and Hummer Winblad. Later in April 2006, he and his team sold the firm for $35 million to OMERS Capital Partners. And in December 2006, OMERS sold the first internet-based company to the NASDAQ for over $100 million.   

In 2003, Michael Terpin started the new job at Social Radius. Besides that, he has also served at Transform Public Relations, BitAngels Fund, and several others.  

After gaining experience from a number of companies and firms, in 2013, he co-founded the first Angel Investor group BitAngels with David Johnson. He started focusing on building his empire digitally i.e. through bitcoins. Within the first two weeks of the opening, the group accumulated more than $10 million as the fundings. 

There, he worked as the BitAngels Fundraiser and Bitcoin Syndicate operator. The syndicate lists on the top 10 syndicates with the founding of over $1 million per deal. 

In 2017, the serial entrepreneur Michael Terpin joined Alphabit Fund as a special advisor. The Alphabit Fund is a $300 million digital currency fund that helps anyone with a concept or asset do an end-to-end ICO for low fees.  

Before he joined Alphabit Fund, he left his lucrative job at Terpin Communications, Inc. 

Michael Terpin Career HighlightsImage Source: Facebook @michaelterpin
Michael Terpin Career Highlights

Image Source: Facebook @michaelterpin

Back in January 2018, Michael Terpin was the victim of a SIM swap, which cost him around $24 million and 1,500 bitcoins. Soon after he was digitally robbed, he sued AT & T, the world's largest telecommunications company and mobile telephone services provider. 

In 2019, he won the lawsuit and was awarded $75 million. 

How Much Is The Net Worth of Michael Terpin?

Michael Terpin is estimated to have a net worth of nearly $50 million as of 2019. He earned his net worth from his eminent career as a cryptocurrency investor and an entrepreneur. 

After he won the fraud lawsuit against AT & T, his net worth is reported to increase from $50 million evidently.