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How Much Is The Net Worth Of American Entrepreneur John Schnatter Aka Papa John? His Earnings And Assets

Published Sun Nov 17 2019 By Amy
How Much Is The Net Worth Of American Entrepreneur John Schnatter Aka Papa John? His Earnings And Assets

Professionally known as Papa John, the 57-year-old entrepreneur John H. Schnatter is worth $801 million as of 2019. Papa John gardened his massive empire from his American pizza restaurant franchise, Papa John’s Pizza. 

As of 2019, John remains the company’s largest shareholder, with 30% in his stake. What assets does he own? Details down below. 

What Is Papa John’s Net Worth? 

American entrepreneur John Schnatter is estimated at around $801 million as of November 2019. John started his food chain in 1985 from Jeffersonville, Indiana. As of today, he owns more than 5,300 pizza places in 45 countries.

In 2015, John pocket around $3.6 million during the fiscal year as his annual salary as a chairman. According to Forbes, John roughly owns 30% of Papa John’s stock, which is estimated to be worth $720 million.

Papa John during the NFL Pizza WarImage Source: Huff Post
Papa John during the NFL Pizza War

Image Source: Huff Post

On 21st May, he sold 3.5 million worth share for $157.5 million. The same week, he sold off his 250,000 shares within two days. In a similar way, on 26th August 2019, Papa sold his another $30 million from his stock shares.

In a Fox Business interview, the entrepreneur stated the decision to sell almost all his shares from the company was strictly business, not personal.

"My decisions are made strictly as an outside investor…And in this case, it's really simple. Arithmetic is not an opinion."

He is worth 5.25 million shares currently. Following his controversy after using a racial slur, John resigned as CEO and step down from his role as chairman. By the end of March, he left the board of directors.

During that time, Papa John made various negative remarks for the company and its management team. He claimed them to be "reacting" rather than "being proactive." 

He showcased his true feeling with the following statement:

"There is no reason to be in the car when the car crashes, even if you love the car."

Pizzaman Owns A 40,000 Square-Foot Mansion

The multi-millionaire owns a 40,000 square-foot castle in a wealthy country club suburb of Louisville, Kentucky. The property is spread over the 16-acre estate and owns several swimming pools, a private lake, and a golf course.

The guest house stands 6000 square feet and is alone worth $7 million. The home also features 22 car multi-level underground garage, which includes its very own valet office, car wash, and a gigantic motorized turn table-driveway to park stretch limousines. 

Aerial view of Papa John's 40,000 square-foot mansion Image Source: Homes of the Rich
Aerial view of Papa John's 40,000 square-foot mansion 

Image Source: Homes of the Rich

All over, Papa John’s house is worth $20 million.

Fun Fact: former presidential candidate Mitt Romney praised John's house during a fundraising event held for Mitt a few years back.

Not only the pizza-man owns a massive mansion, but he also rides around some exotic cars. He holds a 1996 Chevy Chevelle, the 1971 Camaro Z28 for which is paid $250,000, and many more.

Short Personal Details Of Papa John

John H. Schnatter was born on 22nd November 1961 in Jeffersonville, Indiana, to Mary and Robert Schnatter. He is American by nationality and has German ancestry. 

Schnatter went and graduated from Jeffersonville High School in 1979 and earned his business degree from Ball State University in 1983. 

John with wife AnnetteImage Source: Wag Center
John with wife Annette

Image Source: Wag Center

He has been married to Annette since 1987. Together, they share three children: Kristine, Danielle, and Beau Schnatter, respectively.