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home Gossip How Lavish Is Keanu Reeves' Lifestyle? Details Of Net Worth Including Income Sources, Houses Cars, Bike Collection, Motorcycles, Motorcycle Company

How Lavish Is Keanu Reeves' Lifestyle? Details Of Net Worth Including Income Sources, Houses Cars, Bike Collection, Motorcycles, Motorcycle Company

Published Wed Jul 24 2019 By Hendrix
How Lavish Is Keanu Reeves' Lifestyle? Details Of Net Worth Including Income Sources, Houses Cars, Bike Collection, Motorcycles, Motorcycle Company

Keanu Reeves might just be one of the best Hollywood actors around and to add to this the action superstar is one of the most beloved superstars in the world. His extremely charitable nature and passionate philanthropy have made him a fan favorite.     

In fact, he is one of the biggest names in show business and people are crazy about him. There are not enough words to describe the almost divine public image. The legend is also an entrepreneur who has his own motorcycle company, called Arch motorcycles. 

He has amassed a net worth of around $360 million as of July 2019 from a career spanning more than 3 decades. He has utilized his multimillionaire net worth to amass incredible properties and vehicles. The details of his assets are given below.

Keanu Reeves’ Houses & Feature

Reeves is a legendary actor and has amassed a big fortune from his career. He has used this fortune to acquire many lavish and extravagant properties’ all over the world.

A fairly reserved character in show business, he has a house of simple design in Hollywood Hills. The mansion is spread over 5,607-square-foot and is located in a place where the average house price is around $1.725 million but his home is worth around $8.07 million in 2019. He bought the house for $4.85 million in 2003

Reeves' Hollywood Hills home is worth almost $5 million
Reeves' Hollywood Hills home is worth almost $5 million 

The star’s name Keanu means “cool breeze over the mountains” in Hawaiian. He has Chinese-Hawaiian heritage and his roots can be traced back to the paradise island. 

He reportedly has a house there which has 6 bedrooms and 8 baths. The building is 3 stories tall, a waterfall at the entry and an infinity pool. 

Some sources have also claimed that he has a Malibu home but the reports were never confirmed.

Keanu Reeves’ Cars, Car Collection

Reeves is a gearhead who has a deep passion for automobiles. His car collection is one of the best celebrity car collections in the world.

He test drove a Ferrari 488 GTB which is one of the nest cars money can buy. Costing around $272,700 the beast of a machine produces 161 horsepower with a 6.3-liter V12 engine.

Keanu also owns a Porsche 911 Carrera 4S
Keanu also owns a Porsche 911 Carrera 4S 

The car is the fastest street-legal car but there is no information about if he ordered the vehicle when he visited Ferrari headquarters in Maranello, Italy. 

Regarding cars that he has confirmed he owns is a Volvo 122 which was the car he used during the start of his career back in 1985

Another incredible car he owns is the Porsche 911 Carrera 4S whose base price starts at around $113,200. In addition to this, he also drove a 1969 Ford Mustang in John Wick (2014).

Keanu Reeves’ Bike Collection, Motorcycles, Motorcycle Company

Although the star is modest and reserved in most of his characteristics he is insanely passionate about his motorcycles. The star has a lot of bikes in his garage, most of which are expensive and mechanical marvels.

His movies like have also featured his motorcycles and he does most of the motorcycle riding in his movies by himself.

ARCH motorcycle was founded by Keanu Reeves in partnership with Gard Hollinger
ARCH motorcycle was founded by Keanu Reeves in partnership with Gard Hollinger

Reeves has a West Coast Chopper whose value is at $50,000, and a Harley Davidson which costs around $28,000.

The star also has a classic 1973 Norton Commando 850 MK II Roadster whose price can fluctuate as it is a classic motorcycle but some sites have said that the motorcycle costs anywhere in the range of $7,900 and $14,000.

Arch Motorcycle Company

Keanu Reeves started the company, Arch with another motorcycle enthusiast Gard Hollinger in 2011. He got the idea of establishing the company after he met Hollinger in 2007 to build a custom bike. The company builds incredibly premium and exclusive motorcycles.

First Produced Model: 1S

The company has 3 models in production as of July 2019. The first model that they produced is the 1S, the bike is one of the sportiest and state of the art bikes in the world. With a 2032cc V-Twin engine the monster of a bike can pull a staggering 121.7 pound-feet of torque and 122 horsepower.


They have used a CNC swing arm that they custom order from a supplier in South Africa. The motorcycle has an extremely premium cost of around $78,000. The top speed of the motorcycle is sure to be over the 150 km/hr mark.


Another beast of a machine that his motorcycle produces is the KRGT-1, the motorcycle also has a 2032cc V-Twin engine with a 6-speed gearbox. 


Built with Arch proprietary FGRT series fork suspensions which are fully adjustable increasing the comfort factor exponentially. It also has stock Michelin Power RS tires making it a beast which will take a bite out of the road. Its price is also $78,000 equaling the price of the 1S. 


Described as the cherry on op the cake of ARCH motorcycles, Method-143. This motoring marvel and absolute earth-shattering machine feature a monstrous 2343cc fuel-injected V Twin engine.

ARCH Method 143
ARCH Method 143

The fuel injection feature increases the mileage of the beast. Although the fuel usage figures per mile may not be practical, these motorcycles are not built for practicality as they are built for absolute hell-raising.

The exact price of the motorcycle is not available but the motorcycle which has only 23 unit in circulation as of July 2019 must be priced more than other ARCH motorcycles whose price is around $80,000.

Keanu Reeves’ Income Sources

Reeves’ passion for motorcycles and cars is extremely expensive and is fueled by his high rate of income. He has worked in some incredible films with actors like Al Pacino and Morgan Freeman.

Keanu Reeves with Al Pacino
Keanu Reeves with Al Pacino

The table below lists some of the earnings of Keanu Reeves over the years.

1997$8,000,000The Devil's Advocate
1999$10,000,000The Matrix
2000$12,500,000The Replacements
2002$30,000,000Various Sources
2003$15,000,000The Matrix Reloaded

He has earned a lot of money and his movies and his movies have regularly grossed millions at the box office. In fact, his lifetime box office gross is over $5,396,900,000 ($5 billion).