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Hollywood Vs Bollywood: Movies, Revenue, Actors, Salaries

Published Sun Oct 20 2019 By Bean
Hollywood Vs Bollywood: Movies, Revenue, Actors, Salaries

When talking about entertainment, watching movies online has become a habit for most people in their leisure time. Keeping it short, the best source of entertainment; Cinemas. 

Today we are going to discuss the two cinematic giants; Hollywood and Bollywood based in two different places but influencing the whole world. 

It all started back in 1906 when the first movie, The Story of the Kelly Gang was released under the Australian Production. Eventually, in 1910, D.W. Griffith created the first Hollywood movie, In Old California. In contrary, the first Indian cinema was filmed only in 1913 and it was called Raja Harishchandra.

Hollywood Vs. Bollywood: Differences Between Two Cinematic Giants 

Hollywood, the term needs no introduction as it represents a whole of a place near Los Angeles, California, the United States are known for the American film industry. It is regarded as the largest and oldest picture industry around the world.  

Bollywood is actually a term derived from two words Bombay and Hollywood. The Indian movie industry is considered as the largest film producer in the world.  

Did You Know? Many People believed Bollywood as the parody of Hollywood as "B" replaced by "H" is the basic difference. 

Bollywood the parody of HollywoodImage Source: Buzz Feed
Bollywood the parody of Hollywood

Image Source: Buzz Feed

Unlike Hollywood makes movies based on action, comedy, horror, fiction, romance, suspense and so on, Bollywood is typically based on Indian burning issues, culture, and real-life stories. 

Hollywood is the global film industry leader being the largest and oldest motion picture industry. While Bollywood, based in India is producing over 1000 movies per year. The two silver screen giants Hollywood differs from Bollywood in Technology, Quality, Revenue, Production Cost, as well as the screen space.


Well, the fact is Bollywood movies are way behind in terms of revenue than Hollywood. As of 2019, the top 5 highest-grossing movies of Bollywood are:

  1. Baahubali 2: The Conclusion: $218 million
  2. 2.0: $79.4 million
  3. Dangal: $79.1 million
  4. Baahubali: The Beginning: $72.58 million
  5. PK: $66.58 million

In contrary, the top 5 highest-grossing movies of Hollywood are:

  1. Avengers: Endgame: $2.79 billion
  2. Avatar: $2.78 billion
  3. Titanic: $2.18 billion
  4. Star Wars: The Force Awakens: $2.06 billion
  5. Avengers: Infinity War: $2.04 billion

According to a verified source, Bollywood releases over 1800 movies per year and Hollywood movies films 660 cinemas per annum. But Hollywood earns more revenue than Bollywood. The same site reported that Hollywood makes an average box office revenue of $11.08 billion, unlike Bollywood that makes only $2.44 billion per year. 

Hollywood Vs. Bollywood: Differences

Indeed, the numbers are quite impressive but Hollywood is firmly on the top of the pile with $11 billion yearly box office revenue.

Titans Of Two Leading Cinema Industry

The top 5 earners of Hollywood motion picture are listed below: 

Dwayne Johnson$89.4 million
Chris Hemsworth$76.4 million
Robert Downey Jr.$66 million
Jackie Chan$65 million
Bradley Cooper / Adam Sandler$57 million

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Similarly, Indian-born Canadian actor Akshay Kumar from Bollywood is also listed on Forbes’s list of highest-paid actor across the world. Similarly, other Bollywood highest-earning actors are:     

Akshay Kumar$40.5 million
Salman Khan$38.5 million
Aamir Khan$30 million to $33 million
Shah Rukh Khan$30 million to $32 million
Hrithik Roshan$25 million to $28 million

Well, it seems that the gender pay gap is still going strong not only in Hollywood but also in Bollywood.