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Facts of Gia Carides

How Much Is Net Worth Of Actress Gia Carides?

The two times AFI Award nominee Gia Carides is an Australian actress, famed for her work in the films such as Strictly Ballroom, Brilliant Lies, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Professional since 1977, Carides has appeared in numerous movies and TV series.

Currently, she has an estimated net worth of $600,000, credited via her prominent acting career. Besides this, Gia also gathers a hefty sum as a producer and director.

Till date, Carides has appeared in over 30 movies and around 23 TV series; even if most of her notable appearance is from films, she has appeared in famous TV series like Ultraman: Towards the Future, Police Rescue, and East of Everything.

Gia Carides’ Net Worth: Income Sources & Earnings 

Active in acting career for over 5 decades, Gia Carides has made a hefty fortune and fame. According to a various online source, Carides owns the net worth of around $600,000 as of May 2019, however, the actual figure of her worth is yet to out.

Well, her ex-husband Anthony LaPaglia has a net worth of $6 million as per Celebrity Net Worth.

Making her acting debut playing Maureen in the 1977 film The Love Letters from Teralba Road, Gia Carides made opened her gateway to massive acting career success.

Gia Carides, an Australian actress owns the net worth of $600,000
Gia Carides, an Australian actress owns the net worth of $600,000

She rose to fame after appearing as Helena Angelopolous on the Australian television series Police Rescue (1992-1993), which also earned her roles in the movies like Strictly Ballroom (1992) and Brilliant Lies (1996) and ultimately nominations for AFI Awards for each.

Having worked in both Australia and America, Gia Carides is yet to open up her earnings from her acting career. But she certainly sums up hundreds of thousand dollars paycheck.

The average salary of an actress in Australia is around $35,600 ($30 per hour) while in America, an actress can collect the average payroll in the range of $50,000- $56,000.

TV Series & Movie Box Office Collection

Gia Carides has appeared in over 30 movies till date, some of her movie box office collection is listed below:

FilmRoleBudgetGross Collection
Phar Lap (1983)Emma Woodcock$5 million$9 million
Strictly Ballroom (1992)Liz Holt(AUD) $3 million(AUD) $80 million
Bad CompanyJulie Ames-$3 million
Primary Colors (1998)Cashmere McLeod$65 million$52.1 million
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999)Robin Swallows$33 million$312 million
My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)Cousin Nikki$5 million$368.7 million
Stick It (2006)Alice Graham$20 million$31.97 million
Year One (2009)Queen$60 million$62 million
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016)Cousin Nikki$18 million$88.9 million
Gia Carides has acted in over 30 films and 23 TV series
Gia Carides has acted in over 30 films and 23 TV series

Besides films, Gia has also made some famous TV appearances like:

  1. Ultraman: Towards the Future (1992)- 13 episodes
  2. Police Rescue (1992-1993)- 7 episodes
  3. My Big Fat Greek Life (2003)- 7 episodes
  4. East of Everything (2008-2009)- 10 episodes
  5. Small Time Gangster (2011)- 8 episodes
  6. Big Little Lies (2017)- 7 episodes

Endorsement & Charity

Meanwhile, the details on Gia Carides’ endorsement deal and sponsorships are not out, but surely she had made a huge sum during her career height at the 90s.

Even now, if she has signed an endorsement, Carides is likely to collect bundles of dollars. Well, like other celebrities, Gia can also earn by promoting products on her Instagram but has switched to private where her followers are 446.

Apart from that, she is also active in charity works but has not made any highlights regarding massive donations. She volunteered as an actress with the Young Storytellers Program.

Assets, Lifestyle, & Expenses

Currently, the report on Gia’s residence is not out but is claimed to be living in her hundreds of thousand dollars house in California.

Before her divorce, Carides used to live in 5,500 sq. ft. (now sold) house in Los Angeles, California, shared with her (now ex) husband Anthony LaPaglia. The duo bought the 5-bedrooms and 6-bathrooms house in 2000 for around AUD $6.15million ($4.45 million USD).

Well, the property was listed in the market for AUD $15.2 million ($11 million USD) in November 2015, later being sold for AUD $11 million ($8.2 million USD) in May 2016.

Gia Carides former LA house shared with ex-husband was sold for USD $8.2 million
Gia Carides former LA house shared with ex-husband was sold for USD $8.2 million

For now, the information on her car collection is not disclosed but is estimated to own luxury cars.

Apart from properties, Gia Carides makes expenses on costly clothes, jewelry, and travels.

Tax & Insurance

It’s certain that owning a property and living in the United States makes anyone liable to tax payments. Well, as per calculation from, her house in California seeks 0.793% of its market value as property tax.

Also, a house in California takes $986 per year as house insurance premium.

Moreover, Gia has to pay income tax upon her earnings, which turns out to be $29,200 for her annual revenue of $100,000. The income tax consists of Federal, FICA and State tax.

Gia Carides’ Personal Details: Age, Education, Family & Relationship

Born on June 7, 1964, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Gia Carides has Australian nationality and is of mixed ethnicity. Her father is a Greek and mother is an English. She has 2 sisters: Danielle and Zoe Carides, an actress.

She attended Chatswood High School, where the Australian cricketer Mark Taylor also studied. As reported, she once worked at a child-care center in Lane Cove, Sydney, before pursuing her acting career.

 As of May 2019, Gia Carides’ age is 54 and has a height of 5 ft. (154 cm).

Well, she was once a married woman. Gia and her (now ex) husband Anthony LaPaglia divorced after 17 years of marriage. The duo married on September 11, 1998, however, couldn’t sustain it forever, resulting in divorce on June 15, 2016.

Gia Carides and her ex-husband Anthony LaPaglia
Gia Carides and her ex-husband Anthony LaPaglia divorced after 17 years of marriage

While in a relationship, Gia and Anthony welcomed a daughter named Bridget in 2003; now on the joint custody of the former couple.

After her divorce, Gia never made any dating or affair highlights and is alleged to be single meanwhile.

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