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Facts of Erick Avari

How Much Is Erick Avari’s Net Worth?

Erick Avari is an Indian-born American television, film and theater actor with a net worth of $4 million as of May 2019. He is best known for his work in various sci-fi films like Stargate, Independence Day and The Mummy.  

His great-great-grandfather was Jamshedji Framji Madan; a pioneer of the film industry in India, this means that Avari was always influenced by his family to pursue a career in cinema. The majority of his net worth is thanks to his career in show business. The actor’s career spans more than 3 decades and has made him a prominent name amongst sci-fi fans.

Erick Avari’s Net Worth: Income Sources, Salary, & Earnings

Erick Avari’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million as per data from various online sources. Similarly, the star is also reported to have a net anywhere from $100k – $1 million according to Alphalife. The majority of his net worth comes from his time as an actor in the film industry.

A photo of Avari who has a net worth of $4 million
A photo of Avari who has a net worth of $4 million

Although the information regarding his exact salary is not known the average salary for an actor is around $39.84 according to Chron. Likewise, the source reports that actors earn an average of $56,024 per year.

TV actors are paid almost the equivalent amount to movie actors except when they are cast for regular or major roles. Chron reports that actors can earn $5,132 per week from guest appearances. This amount can vary if the shows running time is 1 hour for which they will get paid $8,210 per week.

Avari has appeared as a guest in Castle, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Heroes, Hope & Faith, Law & Order, etc.

In addition to this, he also works in theater, theater work other than Broadway can pay around $1,145.70 per week and Broadway shows can pay a minimum of around $2,034.00 per week.

The actor has worked in some major box office hits which have brought him fame and fortune globally. He worked in Independence Day alongside Will Smith and the movie grossed over $817.4 million. In a similar fashion, he worked in The Mummy alongside Brendan Fraser $415.9 million at the box office. He also worked in Planet of the Apes which gathered more than $362.2 million.

Another one of his movies also grossed over $196.6 million at the box office. He still earns from the residuals and reruns of those movies on TV. The DVD sales of these movies also contribute a lot to his earnings.

Assets, House, Cars, Charity, Tax, Insurance, Lifestyle & Expenses

The actor’s Instagram is followed by more than 1k people. According to Influencermarketinghub, the actor earns around $22.5 - $37.5 per sponsor post from the platform.  

Millionaire Avari on the set of Castle 
Millionaire Avari on the set of Castle 

The actor is a very marketable personality in the media which has made him a regular choice for advertisements and commercials.

When you are rich you have to pay more taxes in accordance with the government’s policies. The millionaire pays hefty income taxes and property taxes.

Although he is a famous personality he shies away from the media and is rarely keen on sharing his lifestyle with anyone. He leads a relatively quiet lifestyle and is a low key personality.

He may also be involved in various charities however, the exact information regarding his involvement with different charities is not available in the media as well as tabloid sources. 

Avari also may have insurance of his life, health, body, and property but the information of his plans and policies are not available.

Personal Details: Wife, Age, Family, Education & Married Life

Erick Avari was born Nariman Eruch Avari on 13 April 1952 (aged 67 as of 2019) in Darjeeling, West Bengal, India to father Eruch Avari. He and his family follow the ethnic-religion Parsi-Zoroastrian. He is Indian-American by nationality. Regarding his education, he studied the very prestigious North Point School after graduating he went to College of Charleston.  

As for his relationships, there is no information regarding his relationships status. Due to the lack of information, about her wife or a girlfriend, we can assume that he is possibly single as of May 2019. Similarly, he has also not revealed any information regarding his children.

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