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Eddie Nash Net Worth 2020


Facts of Eddie Nash

How Much Was Eddie Nash’s Net Worth?  

Eddie Nash was a Palestinian-born restaurateur and nightclubs owner. 

Surprisingly, Eddie started his empire from a small simple hot dog stand in late 1950s. He was the biggest nightclub owner in Hollywood in the early 1980s

Eddie Nash’s Net Worth: Salary, Income Sources, Earnings, and Career

As per Celebrity Net Worth, Nash held an estimated worth over $30 million at the height of his career (which happens to be around $133 million after adjusted inflation as of 2019).

Nash generated his fortunes from his sources like dance clubs, real estates, and others. 

Eddie moved to America with less than ten bucks and worked odd jobs for a while. He then opened a hotdog stand Beef’s Chuck in Hollywood Boulevard. 

He worked as a cook, waiter, and show runner. Moreover, he even tried his luck at acting in hopes of becoming the next Paul Newman and Warren Beatty, however, his dreams were short-lived.

Eddie Nash with his friend

By the end of 1970s, Eddie owned several restaurants and nightclubs in Los Angeles, California like the P.J.’s club which was renamed to Starwood afterwards, the Soul’d Out Club in Hollywood, the Paradise Ballroom, the Odyssey disco, Ali Baba’s, the Seven Seas, and The Kit Kat strip club. 

His clubs attracted diverse groups like gays, Afro-Americans, straights, teenagers, and other audiences. 

Moreover, Nash loved adult movies and invested in movies. Then, he also leased office space to several adult-film related business.

Eddie Nash’s Assets, Lifestyle, Insurance, Charity, Tax, and Expenses

With a massive net worth of $30 million he surely lived a lavish lifestyle. Although the house and cars detail is not available, he surely owned some branded whips and million dollar mansion.

The list of his expenses included on foods, accommodations, cars, and other things. Eddie had one very expensive habit of spending his fortunes. 

As per a reliable source, Nash spent around $1 million per year on d***s; $6 million for massive expenditure on d***s for 6 years. The amount is equivalent to spending $4.5 million per year of $12.3k per day on d***s today. 

Friendship with John Holmes

Eddie was friend with film star John Holmes who was also an addict. Holmes was in debt to a group of offenders called the Wonderland Gang, named after the house they lived in Los Angeles. Surprisingly, Nash owned the property. 

Despite the friendship they shared, John ditched Nash after he led the Wonderland crew to Nash’s home for robbery. However, things took a turn, and John was caught red handed with Nash’s stolen rings.

Eddie Nash Personal Details: Age, Wife, Death

Born Adel Gharib Nasrallah on 3rd April 1929 in British Palestine, Eddie Nash held dual nationality: American and Israeli. However, the information regarding his ethnic background is not out. 

Nash was romantically involved with former lover Mauren Bautista (died on 6 Sept. 1984). The duo shared a son Telesforo who died on 6 September1984

Eddie Nash’s Death

Nash was suffering from emphysema and several other ailments. He died peacefully at the age of 85 on 9th August 2014

Eddie is laid to rest at Holy Cross Cemetery located in Culver City.

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