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Carmelo Anthony Made $28 Million In 2018: How Much Is His Current Net Worth?

Published Mon Nov 25 2019 By Bean
 Carmelo Anthony Made $28 Million In 2018: How Much Is His Current Net Worth?

American basketball player Carmelo Anthony made around $28 million in 2018 from the NBA's Hawks and Bulls without appearing in a single game for the team.   

Later, in 2019, Anthony signed one year deal with the Portland Trail Blazers worth somewhere around $2.15 million. More details of his salary and earning below. 

Carmelo Anthony Has Had A Lucrative Career

Well, we can say that Carmelo Anthony has had quite a lucrative NBA career. With his eminent career, Carmelo Anthony is currently estimated to have the net worth of $120 million in 2019. 

At the peak of his career, he earned over $94 million from the salary only. 

Carmelo Anthony playing for Portland Trail BlazersImage Source: CBS Sport
Carmelo Anthony playing for Portland Trail Blazers

Image Source: CBS Sport

The NBA star had an eminent career. To date, he has played for Denver Nuggets, New York Knicks, Oklahoma City Thunders, Atlanta Hawks and Houston Rockets.  

His Total Salary For Playing Throughout His Career: 

Team Salary Career Tenure 
Denver Nuggets$53 million 7 and a half years 
New York Knicks$136 million6 and a half years
Oklahoma City Thunders$26 million9 months 
Atlanta Hawks$25.5 million27 days 
Houston Rockets$182,0003 months

And so far, he has earned $260 million throughout his professional career. 

Carmelo Anthony's Net Worth Throughout The Years

Carmelo Anthony aka Carmelo Kyam Anthony is an American basketball player who has been active in the NBA world for 16 years. At the point of time, the basketball giant has the net worth of $120 million.  


Years Net Worth 
2004$2 million
2005$5 million
2006$9 million
2007$13 million
2008$20 million
2009$28 million
2010$37 million
2011$47 million
2012$59 million
2013$71 million
2014$83 million 
2015$97 million 
2016$111 million 

Not only that he collected his fortune from his million dollars endorsements deals too. 

Carmelo Anthony endorsing Jordan ShoesImage Source: Sneaker News
Carmelo Anthony endorsing Jordan Shoes

Image Source: Sneaker News 

Want to know his earnings from lucrative endorsements agreements. 

Years Endorsements Earnings 
2004$7 million
2005$7 million
2006$8 million
2007$10 million
2008$18 million
2009$21 million
2010$22 million
2011$24 million
2012$26 million
2013$27 million
2014$27 million 
2015$30 million 
2016$30 million 

He has partnered with brands and companies like Foot Locker, Nike, Jordan Brand, IWC, Steiner Sports, Nickelodeon and many others.  

Career Highlights

Carmelo Anthony's huge part of his net worth comes from his 16 years of career in the NBA. The story of Anthony started in 2003 after he was drafted in the Denver Nuggets.  

Team Career History
Denver Nuggets2003 to 2011
New York Knicks2011 to 2017
Oklahoma City Thunders2017 to 2018
Houston Rockets 2018 to 2019

As of now, Anthony has just signed a one-year non--guaranteed contract with Portland Trail Blazers commonly known Blazers for worth $2.15 million. The amount is said to be the least sum he has ever received throughout his career.